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Ultimate Vac Cube

Price: £779.99
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  • Weight:
    6.000 Kgs
  • Encase yourself in skin tight rubber
  • Silent Valve, allowing the vacuum pump to be removed while keeping the vacuum tight.
  • 1m x 1m cube frame
  • High strength PVC frame - you can even turn the cube over while in use!
  • Variety of colours and other options available
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Neck Circumference (If ordering with neck opening:

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Ultimate Vac CubeUltimate Vac CubeUltimate Vac CubeUltimate Vac CubeUltimate Vac Cube

Detailed description

This fantastic Vac Cube is the ultimate in vacuum bondage!

Once inside, the air is removed, and the user becomes encased in sensual, sexy, skin tight rubber!

This Vac Cube is fitted with a silent valve, so you can disconnect the vacuum source when the air is fully removed. You can then enjoy the intense sensations without the noise of the vacuum pump. Please note the valve is now fitted in a corner and not on the middle of a pipe as shown in the image.

Rather than a zip opening, which quite often leak air, the Ultimate Vac Cube features a roll up opening, allowing for a more airtight seal.

The frame is made up of 50mm high strength PVC, and each face is 1m x 1m. It's even strong enough to turn the cube over while being used!

The Vac Cube is available in a variety of colours and finishes, and has the option of a breathing tube as standard, or an open neck hole as an added extra.




Please note:


Always agree on a safeword before play.

Do not obstruct the user's airway.

Continuously check over the user, and never leave them unattended at any time.
You may experience markings on your body after using the Vac Cube, known as pinch marks. These usually fade within a few hours to a few days, and leave no lasting damage.

To reduce discomfort to ears, you may consider wearing ear plugs. Please make sure they are secure before play.

Inside it can become claustrophobic, so please bear this in mind when using the Vac Cube.