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Inflatable Hogsack

Price: £379.99
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  • Weight:
    1.500 Kgs
  • Inflatable Hogsack
  • Rear entry zip
  • Front Crotch zip with full access
  • Objectify your partner in the ultimate rubbery experience!
  • Made from 0.4mm thick rubber
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Detailed description

This Inflatable Hogsack is the perfect way of trapping your partner in their own rubbery prison!

Simply climb inside through the rear entry zip, zip it shut, begin inflating and the the real fun begin!

As the sack is inflated, the sheets of rubber tighten around your partner and hold them in place. It has to be the ultimate rubbery bondage experience!
Featuring a zipped crotch, access is available at all times to your victim, so you can tease and torment them any way you like!

Objectify your partner and turn them into your own rubber plaything with the Inflatable Hogsack!

Made from 0.4mm rubber.


Please note - You are buying the Hogsack only. The ballhood in the picture is NOT included.