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Home Bondage & Fetish Hoods Rubber Ultimate Inflatable Ball Hood

Ultimate Inflatable Ball Hood

Price: £208.00
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  • Weight:
    1.500 Kgs
  • Amazing rubbery sensations!
  • Perfect for sensory deprivation!
  • Hidden breathing tubes
  • Schrader Air Valve
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Comfortable and perfect for longer wear
  • Various sizes
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Detailed description

The Ultimate Inflatable Ball Hood is exactly that!
This cleverly designed piece of gear features no protruding breathing tubes at all, meaning that the hood is perfectly spherical with no interruptions of the smooth, shiny surface (other than the tiny air valve of course!)

The breathing tubes are hidden deep within the hood, and meet the outside world at the top of the hood. The tubes don't stick out, meaning that the hood still looks spherical.
There are three breathing tubes, all of which are inserted into the mouth before the hood is inflated.

Thanks to the comfort and ease of this Ball Hood, it can be worn for long periods, and is perfect for sensory deprivation and longer play sessions.

Once the pipes are inserted into the mouth, inflation can begin, and the hood can be pumped up to the desired size. As it inflates, the hood caresses and hugs the head snugly, an amazing sensation and just what every rubberist craves!


Available in various sizes.

The hood features a heavy duty Schrader Valve (the same type on a car or bike tyre), so a hand pump will be required to inflate. This hood cannot be blown up without a pump.

Please note - This hood must not be used alone.


Small: Up to 13.5 inches (34 cm) neck
Medium: 13.5 inches - 15.5 inches (34cm - 39cm) neck
Large: 15.5 inches - 16.5 inches (39cm - 42cm) neck