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Home Bondage & Fetish Bondage Restraints Neoprene & Rubber Heavy Rubber Deluxe Strait Jacket

Heavy Rubber Deluxe Strait Jacket

Price: £369.99
  • Code:
  • Weight:
    5.010 Kgs
  • Heavy, strong and very durable
  • Restrictive and effective
  • 1.05mm thick rubber
  • 2mm thick straps
  • Hand made in the UK
  • Heavy duty rear zip
  • Heavy duty buckles and fastenings
  • Reinforced with rivets, canvas inserts and eyelets
  • Wrist straps to attach arms straight down
  • Neck collar
  • Leg straps
  • Nipple Zips
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Detailed description

The Heavy Rubber Deluxe Strait Jacket by The Latex Factory is a thing of beauty!
Hand made in the UK, this incredible Strait Jacket is made from 1.05mm thick Rubber, and one of the most extreme we've seen!

The Strait Jacket fastens at the rear with a heavy duty zip from the bottom right up to the top of the neck.
The zip guard prevents hair or skin being caught as it is zipped closed, and is reinforced with rivets and glued for added strength.

As the arms wrap around the body, they fasten behind the back with thick, reinforced straps and heavy duty buckles and eyelets for strength and security!

At the end of each arm are smaller straps, designed for attaching the arms straight down to the top of the thighs, or securing them to restraining points or other parts of the body.

Around the neck, a 2.5 inch thick collar fastens around the rear of this Strait Jacket, and fastens with another heavy duty buckle.

Narrow, canvas lined rubber straps go between the legs and fasten at the rear, keeping the Strait Jacket in place! Attached with rivets and fastening with yet another heavy duty buckle, there's no getting out of this jacket!


Also included are two large zips for access to the nipples!


All straps on this jacket are made from latex and include canvas inserts, making the straps 2mm thick and extremely strong and durable.

Made by hand in the UK.


Please note - Gas Mask Hood, Chaps and Jock pictured are NOT included.