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Ultimate Vac Tower

Price: £829.99
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  • Weight:
    15.000 Kgs
  • The most intense bondage experience!
  • Strong, sturdy PVC frame
  • Shaped rubber bag
  • Neck hole only for maximum vacuum
  • Silent valve - vacuum can be turned off
  • Fits most standard vacuum cleaners
  • Rolling pole with clips included
  • Looks incredible
  • Collapses down and can be stored away
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Neck Size (circumference in cm):

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Ultimate Vac Tower
Ultimate Vac TowerUltimate Vac TowerUltimate Vac TowerUltimate Vac Tower

Detailed description

The Ultimate Vac Tower is the most extreme bondage restraint you'll ever experience!

Made from a strong, sturdy PVC frame, the rubber bag sits over the top of the frame creating a large rubber box.
Once inside, poke your head through the neck hole and prepare yourself to be encased in an incredibly intense rubbery prison!

It fits most standard vacuum cleaners and includes a silent valve so the vacuum can be turned off. You'll be able to hear their moans of pleasure as you tease their defenceless body!

With only a neck hole, it allows for you to do whatever you like while they are trapped inside their skin-tight rubber!


The bag rolls around the included rolling pole to keep it as airtight as possible, and clips down with the included clips.


Looks incredible and feels amazing!

Collapses down and can be stored under a bed or in a wardrobe.


Add a sheath in the options to increase your experience! Whether you use it to cover the penis or as a vaginal or anal sheath, this closed ended sleeve can be used whenever you want!


Includes frame, rubber bag, rolling pole and clips.

Selecting the correct height: Select the option closest to the height from the ground to your neck.


Once you have ordered:

Please contact us with your neck measurement (circumference in cm).

If you have selected a sheath, please provide the following measurement:

Stand with feet apart, heals approx 10 inches apart. Measure in cm from the ground up to where you wish the sheath to be located (base of penis, anal area, vaginal area etc). You may need to do this with a friend.


The dimensions are:

Width 97cm – 39”

Depth 49cm – 19”

Height depending on size of frame ordered.


The rubber is made of high quality 0.4mm thick rubber.