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Home Clearance New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream for Men

New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream for Men

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  • Personal bleaching cream
  • Use on intimate areas like genitals, anal area and nipples
  • Can also be used on face, hands, underarms and other areas
  • Quickly absorbed and no residue
  • Absolutely no harsh and harmful chemicals
  • Natural solution to lightning areas of the skin
  • Natural and effective ingredients
  • No irritation or side effects

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Detailed description

New Moon Bleaching Cream for Men is a specially formulated natural solution to lightening sensitive and intimate areas.

New Moon does not contain harsh and harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone.

It features natural and effective ingredients that will not irritate or produce unwelcome side effects.

New Moon can be used on all skin types and can be applied quickly and cleanly in the comfort of your own home.


Quickly absorbed and no residue.


Use New Moon on:

  • Anal and genital areas
  • Underarms and nipples
  • Face, hands and age spots
  • Most other skin discolourations


30ml bottle