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Home Bondage & Fetish Chastity The Key Holder Deluxe Lockable Box with Auto Lock

The Key Holder Deluxe Lockable Box with Auto Lock

Price: £67.99
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    0.200 Kgs
  • Clear key holder box
  • Includes automatic timer padlock
  • Lock up chastity keys in plain sight
  • Keep them locked in restraints until the timer runs out
  • The perfect way to tease your sub!
  • Can be used alone for solo chastity play too
  • Can be locked for up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

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Detailed description


This transparent case puts your power dynamic on display! Created for those who dabble in extended BDSM scenes involving chastity and key holding – the see through design and countdown timer lock sets the stage for a long-term exchange in power and trust for kinky couples and BDSM enthusiasts.

Lock up your sub in a chastity device or a pair of restraints and lock up the keys until they earn their freedom.

Explore a more decisive and extreme form of play with the included countdown lock – the left button sets the hour duration while the right button sets the minute duration. Once you press the middle button a 5 second countdown begins! During this countdown, if you press the middle button you can set a new time duration. However, once that countdown is over the lock is locked until the countdown reaches zero! The only other way to unlock this devious lock is to cut it, so make sure you are 100% sure about locking a key in this case.

Lock your lover in their chastity cage for a day and keep the key on display to tease and torment them! But be sure to discuss specific conditions, rituals, or other events to earn their freedom.

With this case and lock set not only can they see their key to freedom, they have to witness how much time is left in the scene! This type of play reminds the submissive of the keyholders power, but remember to set boundaries so both parties can enjoy the scene to its fullest.

The lock can be programmed to up to 99 hours and 59 minutes and is rechargeable with the included recharging cable. The glowing display allows for use in the dark as well!