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Inflatable Compression Sleepsack

Price: £900.00
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  • Weight:
    1.500 Kgs
  • Inflatable sleepsack
  • Compresses against the skin inside tightly
  • Ribbed, bobble style design
  • Rear 3-way zip
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Rear access
  • Optional internal sleeves and front access
  • Perfect for rubbery bondage lovers!
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Internal Sleeves:
Front Access:

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Detailed description


This incredible sleepsack creates a coccooned sensation for the lucky victim trapped inside!

With a similar design to a traditional bondage sleepsack, there is one major difference! Once you've climbed inside and been zipped in, the inflation valve allows the sack to be pumped up, securing you inside and preventing all means of escape!


As it is inflated, the rubber is pressed and squeezed against the body, making it tighter and tighter. The optional internal sleeves increase the bondage sensations even more! 


The ribbed bobble design makes this bondage piece one that looks amazing as well as feeling incredible too. 


A 3 way rear zip allows for easy entry and rear access, giving you multiple pleasure options. 

The optional front zipper or opening allows for full frontal access too, so you can be trapped and helpless while your Master or Mistress has complete access to your most intimate areas!


This Inflatable Compression Sleepsack is available in 0.4mm latex or for an even more intense experience, 0.4mm inner and 0.8mm outer latex.


The sleepsack inflates with a screw cap valve, which most tyre/foot pumps are compatible with.


Please note: The Ball Hood pictured is NOT INCLUDED and can be ordered separately here.