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Mystim Sultry Sub

Price: £49.99
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    0.300 Kgs
  • Use with your Mystim Cluster Buster device
  • Includes one receiver, one self adhesive pad and one 2mm cable
  • Allows you to connect an unlimited amount of Mystim toys to your Cluster Buster
  • Allows you to use different channels at the same time
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Detailed description

Mystim Sultry Subs are true team players: Any number of them will obey their master (the Mystim Cluster Buster) and put out electrical pulses to one, two, three or an unlimited number of Mystim toys in order to tease, pleasure or torture you cable-free!

In the Sultry Sub pack, you get one Sultry Sub receiver unit, one self adhesive pad and one 2mm cable to connect your toy to the Sultry Sub.

These Sultry Subs are used with the Mystim Cluster Buster. Every toy used with the Cluster Buster requires a Sultry Sub to power it.
Sultry Subs come in 8 variations, numbered 1 to 8.
Each number corresponds to the channel used, explained below.

For example:

To use 3 toys, each on a different mode, you will need 3 Sultry Subs, Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3.
To use 3 toys, all on the same mode, you will need 3 Sultry Subs, all of the same number.


We have Sultry Sub 2 and 3, but if you wish to have 4,5,6,7 or 8, please get in touch with us and we will source it for you.


In Stock

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