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Home Bondage & Fetish Chastity Brutus Shark Cage

Brutus Shark Cage

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  • Lock Him Up!
  • BRUTUS Polycarbonate chastity cage
  • Lock comfortably embedded, no seperate padlock
  • With three sizes ergonomic cock rings
  • Fits comfortably, also suitable for long term wear

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Detailed description


Lock Him Up!

The BRUTUS Shark Cock Cage is a custom adjustable chastity cage made of durable polycarbonate. It can be perfectly adjusted to your personal size and is therefore very suitable to wear for a longer period of time. The Keyholder decides - do you dare to hand over the key?

The biggest plus of the Shark Cage is that you do not suffer from an annoying padlock that dangles and rattles back and forth next to your cock. The lock is seamlessly integrated and concealed in the cage, which greatly increases wearing comfort. The second advantage of the Shark Cage is that it comes with three different sizes of rings, and that they are also ergonomically designed. Because you have multiple sizes of rings and because they are curved to follow the contours of your body, you can be sure that you are comfortably but securely locked in. Make sure the cage is tight enough so that the cock is inaccessible, but not too narrow to create circulation problems.

The Shark Cage is hygienic and easy to keep clean thanks to the ventilation slots.



Length: 7cm

Diameter: 4cm


Package includes:

1 x Shark cage

1 x Magic built-in lock with 2 keys

3 x rings (38mm, 45mm and 50mm)