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Venus 2000 Premium Leather Receiver Harness

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  • The ultimate Venus 2000 Accessory
  • Premium natural leather harness
  • Heavy duty buckles
  • Holds the Venus 2000 receiver in place
  • Lets the receiver slide back and forth for ultimate pleasure
  • Completely hands-free fun
  • Option to fit 200 and 250 size receivers - select in the options
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Various sizes available
  • Handmade
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Detailed description


You must add your Venus Receiver rings to this set if you require them. If you do not add any rings, you will only receive a harness.




If you're a proud Venus 2000 owner, this is the accessory you need!

This Premium Leather Receiver Harness is designed to hold your receiver in place, while also allowing it to slide back and forth, giving you the ultimate hands-free masturbation experience!

The harness is made from premium, high quality, natural leather, with heavy duty stainless steel rear buckles, allowing for multiple adjustments. 
The base plate and mechanism is 3D Printed and checked thoroughly for quality before leaving the manufacturer. 


You can use this harness in almost any position you can think of!

Whether you try it doggy style, on your back, suspended in the air or upside down, the receiver won't fall off and you can be pleasured or punished for as long as you (or your partner) desires!

Combine it with a sex machine like the F-Machine for even more automatic fun!


Once you're strapped in, there's no escape from the forced milking you're about to endure...


Available in multiple sizes, the Venus 2000 Premium Leather Receiver Harness is handmade and compatible with receivers of size 200 and 250. You can choose which size receiver fitting you require and also which size harness you need in the options. 


Simply choose your Harness size, add your required rings (see options for prices) and build your harness set.


If you're fed up of using make-shift methods to keep your receiver in place, or want a completely hands-free experience (or you're ready to be masturbated mercilessly!), this Leather Receiver Harness is a must have!


To find the correct size for your receiver, please refer to the number on your receiver.

For example:

200-080-225: The first number is your receiver size, so in this case, you would require 200 size rings.

250-080-238: The first number is 250, so you qould require 250 size rings.


Please note

  • Receiver pictured is NOT included.
  • This is a stock item, however, due to the various different options, not all variants may be in stock at all times. If you need to know before you order, please use our contact form here. You will be emailed automatically to inform you of any delays.
  • You must add your Venus Receiver rings to this set. If you do not add any rings, you will only receive a harness.





  • Small - 30" - 34" waist
  • Medium - 32" - 36" waist
  • Large - 34" - 38" waist
  • XL - 36" - 40" waist
  • 2XL - 38" - 42" waist
  • 3XL - 40" - 44" waist



by Jamie, 02 Jan 2024

Probably the best additional you could purchase for any of these machines. No more pop offs and completely hands free finally. My only critique would be to add some cushioning or as I have done, add a rubber washer to the stopper to reduce the noise of the receiver ring hitting the stopper.