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BRUTUS Sling Stand Kit with Sling and Travel Bag

Price: £499.99
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    32.000 Kgs
  • Complete Sling Stand Kit from BRUTUS.
  • Everything you need to get going!
  • No more need for hooks on the wall or ceiling.
  • Includes frame, grippy rubber feet, mat with pillow, straps, stirrups AND a sturdy carrying bag to carry it all
  • Easy set up in 10 minutes, all straps easy to adjust.
  • No need to get out of the sling to change the height.
  • Extra eyelets at the bottom of the frame - doubles up as bondage frame!
  • No more old fashioned clickclank of chains. Your neighbours can sleep when you play!

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Detailed description



This BRUTUS Sling Stand Frame Kit is a complete package that contains everything (and more!) that you need to get going!
No more need to drill holes in the walls or ceiling to hang up your sling. No more old fashioned clink-clanking of chains to distract you from your most intimate erotic play. The minimal noise won’t wake your neighbours either when you play.
No more need to get out of the sling before adjusting the height – all the nylon straps are quickly and infinitely adjustable to the desired position.
The Brutus Sling Stand comes packed in a strong double carton box, but also includes a sturdy carrier bag with strong zipper, ideal for storage or for taking the frame with you to play somewhere else.
BRUTUS added extra welded eyelets in the four bottom corners of the frame, so it can even double down as bondage frame.
A set of cross spanners is also included as an option to help further enhance the sturdiness.
This BRUTUS Sling Stand Kit is super strong. The mat and straps are made of ballistic nylon and the whole frame has been tested to hold during a 150 kilo dynamic load test, so it’s safe to use with most people.
When you’re done, the mat and pillow can be easily removed and can be machine washed afterwards (40 degrees Celsius). Do not bleach or tumble dry (it air-dries quickly).
Boxed: 30 x 45 x 106 cm, weight 31.5 kilos.
Frame: 200 cm high, 130 cm wide, 170 cm deep.
Mat: 100 cm deep, 57 cm wide.
Please Note: This item can only be shipped within the UK due to the size and weight.
We can provide a quote for shipping to mainland Europe - please contact us here.