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Home Bondage & Fetish Electrosex Insertables Decimator Premium BiPolar Insertable

Decimator Premium BiPolar Insertable

Price: £349.99
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    3.600 Kgs

The Decimator is the Daddy of all insertables.

Living up to its name, the Decimator is the world's largest electrode. Looking great on both a mantlepiece or in a dungeon, it should only be used on very special occasions.

Preperation is the key. This is not a toy that you can just get out and play with right away.

With contact points on the top and bottom, it provides excellent contact and a more natural feeling as the electrode moves.

It can be taken apart to be cleaned and has grip rings on the base for ease of insertion and extraction... if you ever get it in!

The Decimator will blow you away by both its size and weight. You have been warned!

It is reccommended to use only E-Stim power boxes with this electrode, due to its size.



Length - 225mm

Diameter - 100mm

Weight - 3600g

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