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Neoprene Gas Mask

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How do you make a gas mask even better? Fit it with a Neoprene Hood!
With a snug and comfortable fit, this fantastic Neoprene Gas Mask is great for breath control and bondage!

Its really easy to put on too. Simply unzip at the rear, slide on, and zip it up.

It's made from 665 Leather's 2mm smooth skin Neoprene.

Works with all standard screw fit accessories!


Please note that the way these are packaged from the manufacture may result in the item arriving with some folds and dents in the neoprene. This is very common in all neoprene items and the dents and folds will fall out once the item is worn a few times.


Gas Mask Hose:
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by GDPR 08-06-2018, 01 Oct 2014

Great snug hood, which looks amazing when worn with other neoprene gear. Cant really be used for breath control as the neoprene allows air through - i'd use a rubber variant if that is the intended use. This is great for sensory dep scenes with a bit of tape over the eyes!