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See! The vacuuming doesn’t have to suck!

See! The vacuuming doesn’t have to suck!

Vac Bondage

Article by Danny M


Being trapped inside layers of skin tight latex. Isn’t that every rubber lover’s dream?

The feelings of helplessness as you wriggle and writhe around, trying to desperately break free, but to no avail...



Vac Bondage is definitely on the more extreme side of fetishes, but it’s one of the most intense and enjoyable (and most vulnerable) ways to keep your partner exactly where you want them!

Although not for the feint hearted, it holds you in place tightly and securely, leaving you exposed to what is about to happen…



OK. Let’s start at the beginning.

So, what exactly is Vac Bondage? We’ve all seen those videos online where people sit inside a binbag and use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out so they can hardly move. It’s an amusing way to pass the time, and something different to try.


That’s the basic principle of vacuum bondage.


Vacuum bondage takes it a step further though. Rather than sitting in a bin bag with your head sticking out, Vacuum bondage in the world of kink is much more intense! It involves most, or all, of your body being sealed between two airtight sheets of latex. The latex forms tightly around the body, showing off every little curve. There are various pieces of Vac Bondage equipment, which we will talk about below.


But before we talk about that, let’s get the important stuff over and done with.

Vacuum Bondage can be incredibly dangerous, so you must always play safe! I can’t stress that enough.


Although it’s tempting, DO NOT PLAY ALONE!


If something goes wrong, there’s no way of getting yourself out quickly, so don’t take that risk! Always play with a partner, and stay in constant communication with them. I know that some of you may be thinking that it will ruin a scene by checking if your captive is OK, but simply asking if they are enjoying things and then adapting a scene if not is far more satisfying than hating a scene! Using a safe word, or the traffic light system (green - good, Amber - slow down, Red - stop) is another great indication of telling if your sub is enjoying their playtime or not.


Communication is key here, so try not to cover their mouth, and don’t obstruct their airway.

If necessary, keep a sharp object handy for emergencies. No one wants to tear into rubber, but if it’s a matter of life and death, then it may be essential. Remember - rubber can be repaired!


Now we’ve got the safety aspect of Vacuum Bondage sorted, it’s time to decide what to try.


Vacuum Bondage can be done in several different ways. A Vac Bed, a Vac Cube and a Vac

Tower. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?



Vac Bed

Vac Beds come in lots of different colours and sizes. Your captive climbs inside what is effectively a large, rubber envelope, and the envelope is closed with an airtight zip or rolled around a sealing bar. Once the air is sucked out, they will become trapped in a rubbery bed of vulnerability, while they await whatever treats or punishment you choose to inflict upon them!

Vac Beds often come with options, such as penis holes or vaginal sheaths, and usually allow you different options for mouths, such as a breathing hole or tube gag. Some even  offer open heads, so that you are sealed inside from the neck down, although these versions are often not as intense as the full body versions.


 Check out our Vac Beds here.












Vac Cube

A Vac Cube is a very unusual piece of bondage equipment, in that it seals your playmate inside a rubber cube in a doggy style position. They usually feature a neck opening so that only the head sticks out of the cube, as the pressure can become great on the neck and shoulders if they are trapped inside the rubber.

Vac Cubes tend to look incredibly impressive, and are perfect for lovers of tight and restrictive bondage. If your Vac cube features a strong frame (like the ones in our store), you can even turn and flip it around like a dice! Just make sure you have a friend to help you lift it!

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Vac Tower