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The CockCam! The latest product you need!

The CockCam
We just love anything new and loaded with tech!

When we first heard about The CockCam, we were dying to take a closer look!


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Gag Guide 101 - Choosing the perfect Gag!

Whether you’re a beginner in the world of kink or an experienced S&M player, a good mouth gag is usually a part of your play. There are many different types, from full, open wide style gags to ones that keep your partner’s mouth shut tight, but which is the best gag to use? Read on to find out…

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Construct-A-Pup - The Modular Puppy Hood!

Construct-A-Pup has arrived, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Could this be the ultimate puppy hood?

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Capt. Berlin has arrived in the UK!

Capt. Berlin has arrived, and The Kinksters are the first UK store to carry this brand!

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Welcome to our new store!

Our new website is here!

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