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The CockCam! The latest product you need!

The CockCam! The latest product you need!

The Box

The CockCam packaging just screams of quality. It’s a solid, simple, clean looking box, with a tray inside to store each individual component. It’s ideal to keep the camera in when not in use, and it will keep it safe and prepared for next time.


The Camera

The camera itself is a small, round black dome. It’s sleek, curvy and sexy. And best of all, it’s light. So light in fact, that when this thing is in the palm of your hand, you hardly notice!

It has some awesome nifty features, like a charging port cover, a micro SD card slot and a flush power/ record button, meaning that you won’t knock the button by mistake. It also includes Wifi connection, which gives it a stronger, more reliable signal that other methods.



Using the camera

The camera records in HD, at 1080p, and will take both video (in MP4 format, including sound!) and photo. This can either be recorded straight onto a micro SD card in the camera slot, or you can connect it to TCCam App (IOS and Android) and store the images on your mobile device or tablet.
There is also a motion detection feature, and the camera also includes night vision, giving you the chance to capture your intimate moments in the dark!

Below: Cock Ring Mount & Magnetic Mount


The CockCam comes with two mounts allowing you to use the camera in different ways. The Cock Ring attachment allows the camera to be attached to the penis, giving you a great way of seeing and recording from a whole new perspective.
The Magnetic Mount allows you to connect the camera to most things using a self-adhesive pad and  a magnetic ball and hinge system. We’ve also found that you can avoid the ball stand and just use the magnet to attach it to metal such as a sling frame, chains and other metal objects or supports.


TCCam App
The secure app that has been created for The CockCam is TCCam App. This app is easy to use, and allows you to view, record video, take photo, change camera settings and stream your footage to as many or as few as you want! It’s also password protected for security.

The app allows you to connect the camera directly to your mobile device, or you can connect it to your router using your home network and share it across various devices. You can also share this stream with friends all over the world!

Putting it to the test

We decided to test The CockCam to put it through its paces.

We connected the camera to our router, and opened TCCam App. Once we were set up and ready, we also then cast our mobile device to a laptop (to see our live footage through a larger screen. You know, for reasons). This can be done through various apps, although make sure you get one that has all the features you need, should you choose to cast to a screen.

Firstly we set it up using the included cock ring attachment. We didn’t use a micro SD card in the camera slot, as we wanted to save directly to our mobile device. After popping the camera into the cock ring mount, we placed it on. The cock ring is a squeeze to get on, but it certainly keeps you ready for action! It does look a little strange, but when you see the results, it’s well worth it!

The cock ring mount is well balanced, so the camera stays where it needs to be, and doesn’t flop forwards (which was one of our fears). This is also due to the camera being so lightweight (at just 19g!).

After trying various positions, we found it to be very effective and exciting to use (especially when streaming it live!). We found that oral is a really novel way of using The CockCam and enhances the pleasure even more!

We then removed the Cock Ring Mount and decided to use the Magnetic Mount while we continued.
We stuck it to a diagonal corner of the sling frame while we played. This gave a great “birds eye” view of our action, and it certainly spiced things up even more!
We also tried it in the top down position, and on a metal trolley to the side. Remember, you can stream this to anyone around the world!


Our Verdict

With lots of exciting features, The CockCam opens up a whole new way of looking at sex! However you use it, it's a great all rounder camera for your intimate moments.

We absolutely LOVE this device, and we certainly recommend it to anyone looking for something new and exciting!


Want to get your own? Get yours from our store now!

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