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Blindfolds & Gags


Gags and blindfolds are popular accessories in the realm of sexual exploration and bondage.

They are often used to enhance sensory experiences, introduce power dynamics, and create a sense of anticipation and vulnerability between partners.


Gags are designed to limit or restrict a person's ability to speak, thereby enhancing feelings of power exchange and vulnerability. They come in various forms, materials, and sizes to cater to different preferences and comfort levels. Common types of gags include ball gags, bit gags, ring gags, and inflatable gags. Gags can be fastened using straps, buckles, or other adjustable mechanisms to ensure a secure fit while allowing for easy removal if needed. It's important to establish clear communication and establish a safety signal or gesture before incorporating gags into play to ensure consent and comfort.


Blindfolds are used to restrict or limit the sense of sight, heightening other senses such as touch, hearing, and taste. By removing the ability to see, the person wearing the blindfold becomes more reliant on their other senses, creating a heightened sense of anticipation and excitement. Blindfolds are typically made from soft, comfortable materials such as silk, satin, or leather to ensure a pleasant sensory experience. They are designed to fit securely over the eyes without causing discomfort.



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