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About Us

We are The Kinksters...

With almost 70 years of kinky experience in the team, we are pleased to bring you only the best and highest quality products available on the bondage scene.

We are serious about kink, and therefore we don't bother with anything tame.


Think About It

If you're going to be tied up, why not be bound, immobilised and totally unable to do anything about it in the most extreme way?
We want to stock the most pleasurable, the most enjoyable and the most exciting products, and at our online store, that is exactly what you will find.


It's Different

We see the same products, time and time again throughout the online shopping world.

We stock different products that you may not have seen before. You may just stumble across one in our store and think "I quite fancy that". Then why not? Our low prices and top quality products are almost too good to resist!

Our Brand

We have our own brand of exciting and thrilling products. Mainly bondage equipment and leather garments, they are hand made from top grade leather and are personally inspected by us before each item is sent out.

With incredibly low prices and high quality products, our own brand is proving to be popular with all of our customers.