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Home Bondage & Fetish Vacuum Pumping Mister B Mister B Nipple Cylinders Large

Mister B Mister B Nipple Cylinders Large

Price: £44.99
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    0.100 Kgs
  • Pair of vacuum nipple cylinders
  • Works with Mister B, LA Pump, Dr Kaplan and Boston pumps
  • Vacuum stays when pump is removed
  • High end couplings
  • Embedded O-Ring construction
  • 22mm internal diameter

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Detailed description


Vacuum play with these Mister B Nipple Cylinders is a perfect way to make your nipples bigger and more sensitive.


Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of perfection, these vacuum nipple cylinders easily beat the quality of other brands. They use original CDC-couplings which (almost) never fail or leak, and the vacuum stays in place when you disconnect the pump.


Sold per pair

  • 22 mm internal diameter
  • Original hi-end coupling which (almost) never leak or fail
  • Mister B Vacuum Pumps advised for pumping
  • Universal couplings, also fit on LA Pump, Dr Kaplan and Boston Pumps
  • Perfect seal by embedded O-ring construction
  • Vacuum remains when pump is removed