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Home Bondage & Fetish Vacuum Pumping LA Pump Oversize Penis Cylinder

LA Pump Oversize Penis Cylinder

Price: £110.99
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    0.300 Kgs
  • Professional pumping cylinders
  • Various sizes
  • Designed for extreme and advanced pumping
  • Oversized
  • Hand-crafted, diamond cut and flame polished material
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • No rubber gasket required

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Detailed description



LA Pump Oversize cylinders, available in several large sizes for advanced pumping.

All LA Pump Oversize Penis Cylinder measure 12 inch in length (30 cm), 3 inches longer than standard. LA Pump penis cylinders are individually hand crafted and use a unique process which results in a better seal and greater comfort.


The hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinders are comfortable & easy to use.

Designed for easy vacuum seal without the use of awkward rubber gaskets.

Includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump.