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Home Bondage & Fetish Vacuum Pumping Vacuum Pumping Extension Hose - 3 Way Set

Vacuum Pumping Extension Hose - 3 Way Set

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  • Introduce a 3 way hose set into your existing vacuum pumping set up
  • Extend the length from the pump to the body
  • Connect your pump to 3 cylinders at once
  • Cross splitter connection between the hoses (3 ends and one to connect to the pump)
  • Compatible with various systems

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Detailed description



Extend your vacuum pumping tubing with this 4 way splitter extension hose set. 

Allows you to add length to the hose so your vacuum pump doesn't have to be as close to the body. 

Perfect for use with 3 cylinders! Pump with 3 friends and use it with 3 penis cylinders, or one penis cylinder and two nipple cylinders. 


Each length of hose is 1 metre and includes a male connector on each of the split ends and a female end on the other (for attaching to your vacuum pump).


As the hose is strong and tough, it won't collapse when under pressure.


Works with:

  • LA Pump
  • MisterB 
  • Dr Kaplan
  • Boston Pumps